How a Elyon Brokers works

How it works

1. Getting Started

Create your free account & complete our online Customs Power of Attorney.

About Power of Attorney:
You need a Customs power of attorney for a customs broker to transact on your behalf with U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

2. Submit your request

Here you will provide basic shipment details and upload required documents.
Required documents:
Importer Security Filing (ISF) Ocean only
Commercial Invoice
Bill of lading
Permits / PGAs Upon request

3. Your agent gets to work for you

Your agent will review your submission and notify you via our virtual workspace if any further documents or information are required.
They will continue to keep you updated on the status of your shipment and we encourage any questions along the way.

4. Your clearance request is processesed

Your agent will create your customs declaration and submit it directly to U.S. Customs via our secure Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

5. Payment

You are required to pay upon submission of your entry to U.S. Customs. A credit card payment is required. This payment includes:
Duties If applicable
Customs fees If applicable
Brokerage fee
Freight and warehouse payments Upon request
Disbursement fees If applicable

6. Release of goods

Once your clearance has been confirmed by U.S. Customs, your will recieve copies of your 7501 (Customs Accounting Document). Your goods are released and ready for final destination.

Start clearing customs now

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Create Your Account in Minutes
Submit Shipment information & Create your performa invoice
Receive release notification and copies of 7501 & invoice