Section 321

Section 321 allows for goods valued at $800.00 USD or less, to enter the United States duty-free and without a formal entry – A great option for importers looking to save money, but it can cost you some time.

Section 321 Restrictions


Not all goods valued at $800.00 USD or less are subject to release without formal entry under this provision:

Merchandise subject to anti-dumping / countervailing duty (ADD/CVD)

Merchandise requiring inspection as a condition of release

No alcoholic beverages, perfume containing alcohol, cigars, or cigarettes

Merchandise regulated by FDA, FSIS, NHTSA, CPSA, and USDA

Exemptions have been made to FDA products such as: Cosmetics, Dinnerware, Food, and biological samples

Regardless of the value, USCBP reserves the right to deny section 321 and demand a formal customs entry


How to declare section 321



The carrier must file the ACE manifest as intangible goods/section 321

Carriers can see the step-by-step process here



ISF (10+2) is still required for a section 321 and Elyon Brokers USA is happy to file it on your behalf
You will need to present an arrival notice and invoice to U.S. Customs in person
A stamped copy of documents must be presented to CFS warehouse to guarantee the releases of your cargo



Elyon Brokers USA Recommends you advise your airline prior to shipping your cargo that the merchandise should be manifested as intangible goods/section 321
If this is not complete, you must go to U.S. Customs at the airport of arrival with the Airway Bill and invoice and ask the Customs
Officer to release under section 321